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    Take Automatic Driving Lessons in Cardiff. We can offer Intensive Driving Courses in Cardiff and surrounding areas. Taking Driving Lessons in an Automatic vehicle, no gear changing required, can mean few Driving Lessons are required.

    Driving is a life long skill and we do not just teach you how to pass a driving test, but how to Drive for Life.

    For Those that Want to  Learn to Drive FAST  –  IS THIS YOU!


    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How Much do Driving Lessons in Cardiff Cost

    We have been asked by Pupils are these cheap Driving Lessons  when you do an Intensive Driving course with our Driving school in Cardiff.


    Will my instructor be able to be in the car during my test?

    Your driving instructor can be in the car with you if you want to. Only you have the right to request this and should be done when you meet the Examiner.  Your driving instructor will discuss this with you prior to the driving test to ensure the decision is of benefit to you. Bear in mind there is extra weight and will have an impact on your vehicle handling.


    Which vehicle will I use for my practical driving test in?

    You can take your driving test in any car as long as you are fully insured. It is recommended that you use the Driving Instructors vehicle as he will have Dual Controls. Also you would have been using their car for your driving lessons.


    How will  I know I am  ready for my practical test?


    Your driving instructor will keep you informed of your progress and let you know when you are ready to book/take your practical driving test. You can also ask to have a Mock Driving Test.  They know the standard you need to achieve to pass and this is the standard that they will assess you on.


    Does the car I’ll be driving have dual controls?

    Yes most definitely.


    Can I Start my Driving Lessons Without Already Passing my Theory?


    When you start our Intensive Driving course it is not a requirement to have to have passed the Theory Test. The idea being that whilst you are learning to Drive the Road Rules will actually

    Make a lot more sense as you progress. You can do both at the same time. Unlike a lot of other Intensive Driving Courses. We also offer Free theory Training


    Does Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff  offer Refresher Driving Courses?


    We certainly do. We find a lot of pupils having passed their driving test, do not go onto buying a car, for many different reasons. Before they realise it, a few years have gone by and they then feel they lack the confidence they had just after passing their Driving Test.

    If you would like to update your driving skills, just get in touch. We find this Driving course very useful for those that have driven in other countries and just need familiarisation with our roads.

    Do Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff offer Discounts

    Yes there are always offers about, depending what promotional courses we have going at different times of the year.